Go virtual and reach levels of engagement and efficiency you’ve never seen before.

At the end of the day, how much do you really know about the people who attended your live event? The nature of live events gives you a few names, business cards and maybe a few great leads. But what about the attendees interacting with your brand or products who your staff couldn’t engage one on one?

Going virtual with your virtual booth, virtual exhibit, or a complete virtual event delivers unparalleled engagement and efficiency. For every virtual exhibit attendee, you see exactly where, how and for how long each one interacted with rich media points. And more importantly, generate more qualified leads.

Virtual Turns One-Time Events into Engaging Multi-Use Sales Tools

Live events are lead generators. The problem is that generating leads is restricted to when the event is taking place. By turning your live events into virtual ones, they become multi-use sales tools. Your target prospects explore your brand and interact with the experience anytime, anywhere they want.

FusionXP, our proprietary web-based platform for virtual solutions, integrates immersive environments, rich media content and communication. Whether you need a fully rendered 3D space, a 360-degree photo tour, or a merged event bringing together in-person and virtual elements, FusionXP allows for total customization of your experience.



Powerful, dynamic analysis reports where traffic to your virtual showroom originates, as well as what visitors do and for how long. Every. Single. Visitor. Based on visitors’ behaviors, updating your virtual showroom experience to focus on what you learn from the analytics is as simple as a web update.

  • Traffic origination
  • Heatmaps
  • Visitor actions/behaviors
  • Active time duration


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