Making an Impact at IPPE 2020

IPPE 2019 boasted the largest trade show floor in its history, surpassing 560,000 square feet of exhibiting space. Whether you have a 10×10 or large island exhibit, IPPE can yield big results for your business with the right exhibit design and trade show marketing strategy! Trade shows are crowded, noisy and full of exhibits from floor to ceiling. Therefore, you only have seconds to catch someone’s eye and draw them in to your space. So how do you make that happen if you are rethinking your booth design?


After attending IPPE in 2017 and 2019, I noticed the emergence of engaging new trends. In the past, there was one predominant trend: a lot of stark looking exhibits featuring large pieces of equipment. However, this year at IPPE, exhibits were designed to create warmer, more inviting spaces. From bars to rustic wood tones, exhibits took on a more hospitable feel. The challenge of featuring large equipment hasn’t gone away, but what if you could bring less equipment by using interactive technology or 3D modeling to achieve the same thing?  Skyline 360 | RFID Technology for Trade Show Exhibits


The goal within a large exhibit space is to create a tiered branding approach. An attendee approaching your space should instantly be able to tell who you are and what you do. This is the messaging you’ll see at the highest levels in an island space, such as overhead signs and towers. Your prospects can explore specific products and services inside the space, and most importantly, this is where they get to interact with you! In a small space, the mission is the same, just condensed into a smaller space.


One pitfall I frequently see is clients investing in a beautiful new exhibit, yet forgetting to plan for some of the basics. On more than one occasion, we’ve had exhibits return to our warehouse with batches of lead cards scattered about.  Don’t let all of your hard work and money go to waste!  Set pre-show meetings, create social media campaigns and have a good system in place for lead qualification and follow up. Make sure everyone working in the booth space has a defined role and knows how to further your business goals. If you find yourself saying “I’m not really getting much out of trade shows anymore”, there’s usually a good reason for it and it’s usually something we can help you fix! You won’t want to miss our next free educational seminar for trade show tips!


About the Author: Deanna Sealey is a Senior Marketing Consultant with Skyline E3. Contact her at 913-599-4787 to discuss your next exhibit design or technology solution.

*Trade Show News Network, June 19th, 2018 article: “IPPE 2019 Will Boast Largest Trade Showfloor in it’s History” by Lisa Plummer Savas