Incentivize and reward participants to reach levels of engagement and efficiency like never before.

Here’s what we know about human nature: we’re competitive and we’re more likely to engage in an activity when there’s an incentive involved. Gamification is a unique factor that elevates a live or virtual experience with rewards and competition in the form of an actual video game, a quiz or a passport experience in which participants find or collect tokens.

Gamification Leads to Unprecedented Engagement

Add gamification elements to your live or virtual event to increase engagement numbers and enhance the overall experience. For every “player,” you see exactly where, how and for how long each one interacted with rich media points. And more importantly, associate your business or organization with engaging experience technology.

Any engagement is good engagement. Use gamification to promote a fun, positive experience with your brand and products. And, of course, the longer the duration and the more incentives, the better the engagement.



Gamification can combine with enhancements at any point in the experience:

  • Live chat
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • User-controlled 3-D models
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