Case Study: WireCo


The Challenge

After unveiling fresh new branding in 2022, WireCo was ready to make a big splash at the 2023 CONEXPO in Las Vegas. As the wire rope industry leader, new branding runs the risk of being unidentifiable. Most marketers understand that branding takes time to stick to audiences. During the initial launch of the rebrand, WireCo made its trade show participation a priority because it was vital for them to reassure their partners that they were the same great company, just with a new face. CONEXPO, the premier trade show for the construction industry, would be a great venue to debut this fresh branding and announce that their coveted, internationally produced crane rope would now be manufactured in the United States. Armed with a strategic approach to Made in the USA production, and an entirely new look, this was the perfect opportunity to create an wholly unique island experience. WireCo did not just want to be recognized—they wanted to stand out. 

WireCo is no stranger to the trade show floor, and that experience helped our design team in designing a new display. Their previous island featured a double-deck structure that offered a quiet space for private meetings. However, most show sessions did not require such privacy, and the company needed a solution that would be equally impactful as a double deck without dead space. With WireCo participating in multiple trade shows a year, each varying in audience, they needed a design that catered to each. Their presence at trade shows may also differ in the size of their space, so the company needed something that would work in a 30×30, 20×30, or 20×20 area. WireCo also owns an inline exhibit that is scalable to fit a 10×10 or 10×20 space. With all these trade shows and multiple display variations, managing these exhibits can be a logistical nightmare for companies. WireCo would need the support of an expert team to ship, set up, and store these exhibits when not in use. 

When considering the design of the display, the rebrand made logo visibility a priority. Their logo needed to be apparent and attention-grabbing. However, having an effective lighting setup is part of grabbing that attention. In most trade shows, companies would have to rely on the venue’s lighting to brighten their exhibit, which would not suffice for the level of impact WireCo aimed for. WireCo worked with Skyline E3 Director of Sales, Cayla Bantz, to get the job done.    

The Solution

This new display needed to be impactful, well-lit, and clean-looking. WireCo opted for a bright and fresh-looking color scheme that would appeal to a wide range of audiences no matter what type of trade show they were at. Even with white as one of their primary colors, nothing about this booth was understated. We did away with the double deck and instead made the walls higher with strategically placed LED panels that brightened up the space, including a 16-foot backlit tower. The WireCo logo is visible from multiple places and at every angle of the exhibit, often standing out from the wall with a halo backlight for added impact. From the 3D logo cutouts to its crisp white seating, every inch of this booth was carefully selected to reflect WireCo’s new, modernized brand.

One of the features that differentiates WireCo’s product from its competitors is the construction of its rope. To represent this, we created an LED video tunnel that depicted the rope construction in a visually striking and interactive way. Skyline E3‘s Cayla Bantz had seen a video tunnel at a prior show and was inspired. “I thought it was cool and impactful, with a powerful draw to capture and hold attendees’ attention. It fits so well with what WireCo was trying to achieve, said Bantz. Not only do the LED panels act as an additional light source, but its video format also allows WireCo to alter or replace their content easily and as frequently as they want.   


This booth’s modular design allows WireCo to scale it down from a 30×30 island to 20×30 or even 20×20. Portions of the display can be removed to accommodate the size of the space. This is an excellent consideration for companies participating in multiple shows yearly. Funding numerous displays can be costly and take up a lot of space. Creating one that can scale to varied sizes offers companies great flexibility and savings.

In addition to its island display, WireCo elected to re-outfit its inline display since some shows do not require as elaborate an experience as CONEXPO. WireCo can use their inline display for 10×10 or 10×20 space in these cases. Like their island experience, we built a modular exhibit that can be attached and separated. In this photo, the two back panels can be set up individually, and the table can be split in half to fit a smaller area.

WireCo cropped
23-333-20 WireCo-Skyline E3-4

WireCo’s partnership with Skyline E3 does not stop at design and build. Through Skyline E3’s Exhibit Management program, we store, manage, and ship all WireCo’s displays and trade show supplies (i.e., rope samples, promotional giveaways, etc.). This program saves them time, space, and the trouble of logistics planning for all trade shows. Our Exhibit Management program also offers insurance to keep WireCo’s properties safe in the warehouse, during transit, and on the show floor

The Impact

At trade shows, your exhibit design directly impacts the traffic that flows through your space, which is the ultimate goal for most exhibitors. CONEXPO attendees were thoroughly impressed by WireCo’s island exhibit, but more importantly, the brand’s exposure at this event will eventually lead to better recognition in the market.

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