Activities that Matter for ROI when Your Trade Show is Cancelled

So, you’ve been planning for months for a trade show that isn’t going to take place.

Don’t let your business lose momentum. Now is the time to use your resources to engage customers differently and build to next year when the virus particles are a mere memory.

1. Use attendee lists to do marketing outreach via email.

Whatever your message would have been at your trade show, let that fuel new content you can share that builds trust and relationships.

2. Personal outreach by your sales staff with LinkedIn connections.

Now is the time to really leverage the power of LinkedIn marketing through a personal touch at a distance that keeps everyone healthy.

3. Direct engagement on social media.

Introduce your team virtually with photos, general interests like favorite sports, hobbies, professional goals. Keep the content relevant to your business objectives and your prospects’ specific needs.

4. Thought leadership on LinkedIn.

Have your product, engineering, scientific, operations and R&D teams generate and weigh in on timely and relevant conversations to generate interest.

5. Create quarterly calls.

Things change rapidly. As quickly as a virus spreads, you can create a well-orchestrated virtual meeting. Bring value through shared expertise and collaboration amongst those you would want to be keynote speakers if you were designing your own industry conference.

6. Repurpose event funds.

Consider a revision to your strategy for the year. Since the marketing funds are already set aside, create an intimate VIP event that is targeted to true value creators who actively engage with you in the above activities, seminar programs and social media channels. Host your event on site or do a quarterly event to round out the year in smaller groups. You can even use that event booth for branding onsite that you purchased but didn’t get to set up at your canceled show! Check out our amazing environmental design capabilities as a way to bring your brand to life in your office space.


**Original blog post content from Skyline Philadelphia